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Virtual Book Club, Science, and History Classes for Home Education

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As a former teacher who has always homeschooled my own children, I know the importance of outsourcing when you can to give yourself a break as your kids learn from other trusted adults. Now I teach virtual classes so that home education, cyber, or public school students can join us from anywhere in the world!

I am a state certified teacher in Pennsylvania who secularly homeschools my own kids. My degrees are in Early Childhood Education and Educational Psychology. I have all of my required clearances on hand and available for you, if requested.

Some of my classes are geared for grades 3 through 12 (book club, Zoology, science, history, and writing) while others (20 Things Research Club) are available for all ages. I've taught pre-K through 12th grade virtually as well as in person. As homeschoolers we know ages/grades don't always reflect our kids' abilities and kids benefit from being with other kids that aren't all the same age/stage. If you have a question or concern about whether these classes may be a good fit for your child, please reach out

My classes are and always will be welcoming to everyone, all people, and all experiences. I will engage kids in whatever they may want to discuss. Literature allows kids to consider many perspectives and practice empathy. My history classes will look at issues from diverse perspectives. My book clubs are LGBTQ+ affirming. My science classes will cover evolution when applicable. If any of these topics conflict with the principles or beliefs of your family, then we will not be a good educational fit.

I also co-host a podcast called Cardigan Academy about all things parenting, education, and mental health. We are both secular homeschooling moms. 

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