Still Playing School: Fine Motor Ideas Books

Fine Motor Ideas Books

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We've collected 199 of our favorite fine motor ideas for kids ideas for you in two e-books to create the perfect resource for pre-writing always available at your fingertips! (Get it? Fingertips! Fine motor!)

Your children will benefit from consistently fun fine motor practice while engaging in these educational and entertaining activities together! Teachers, parents, and therapists all love and recommend our e-books. 

The Hands Have It! Squeezing Play Dough, Fastening Buttons,
Snipping with Scissors. and So Much More...

99 Fine Motor Ideas and 100 Fine Motor Ideas - Volume 2 both present fun, engaging ideas to involve the fine motor muscles in your child's hands, fingers, and wrists. Ten talented moms come together to share the most successful, creative, and inspiring invitations to play to get those little hands working.

Your child's hands develop and change so much in the first years of life. From chubby newborn fists that can barely open to infants reaching for your face as they coo to toddlers self feeding and stacking blocks, soon you will have a preschooler learning to cut, write, and turn the pages of a book!

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