Still Playing School: Acts of Kindness for Violet

Acts of Kindness for Violet

By Devany | Labels: 4 Comments

For our daughter's birthday on November 2nd,
we are asking that anyone who wishes to remember her performs a 
Random Act of Kindness in her memory.

Print your Random Acts of Kindness Cards for Violet here!

It also means so much to us when friends and family all over the world spell or write Violet's name. Each year we collect these pictures to show our other children 
that their sister is remembered beyond our own family.

If you have found us because you had an act of kindness done for you 
or you are joining us in remembering her in this way,
please leave a comment!

Thank you for letting us know how this bit of kindness has touched your life.

Feel free to pay it forward and pass the card you received along with another act of kindness.

We are not only changed because she died,
but we are also changed because she lived.

Melissa O. - Volunteered to babysit for one family a month for a year, free of charge.

Andy M. - Bought lunch for his co-worker, Clinton, who let us know about this kind gift.
Donated a load of laundry to a stranger.
Gave money to a homeless man.
Gifted co-workers with a peanut butter pie.

Brawley family - Sent us a donation to be given to the foundation of our choice in Violet's memory.
We chose String of Pearls who has supported us through losing Violet.

Camilla & Eva Z. & Marilyn M. - Taped quarters and Violet's cards to kids' rides at the mall.
Taped money and cards to the snack tray at Club Kid.
Donated boxes of diapers to a church.

Suzie M. - Donated to a family in need.

Rachel C. - Contacted us to let us know a stranger gifted her with a bouquet of flowers with one of Violet's cards.

Pat M. - Gifted ranch crackers to co-workers and dentist's office.
Gave hand sanitizer to bank teller.
Made fudge for bank teller, pharmacy, co-workers, and garage.
Gifted lunch and lottery tickets to two stock boys at grocery store.
Made cookies for pharmacy, police station, and post office.
Gave coupons for free food/drinks and paid for one order at Sheetz to six strangers.
Paid for someone's admission at a football game.

Donna K., Cassie, Sue B., and Megan B. - Hosted a soup luncheon for faculty.

Cathy K. - Took plates of home made cookies to the post office, library, and city bus depot.

Janice G. - Gathered supplies to be taken to hurricane relief in New Jersey.

Lisa S. - Bought lunch for girls at work.

Jen C. - Opened the phone book and had flowers delivered to a random person.

Megan K. - Made a snack bag for the mail man.
Colored pictures for Penn State's Children's Hospital.
Put scratch off lottery tickets in neighbor's mailboxes.

Jennifer S. - Paid for the car behind her at Starbuck's.

Michelle B. - Had her son pick out a gift for a family around the world from Heifer International.
He chose a flock of ducks!

Jerry F. - Handed out scratch off lottery tickets to strangers.
Bought lunch for an older gentleman at Chili Dog's.
Picked up the tab for a woman at the candy shop.
Gifted strangers fudge brownies on the walk back to work.
Found out his dad is now on the list for a much needed lung transplant
and told us that he thinks Violet helped out with that!


  1. Dev, I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea. As you know, I love hanging out with everyone's kiddos (especially E). I decided to give out twelve coupons for a night of babysitting, one for each month of the year. This way when I am babysitting and when I see the coupon again, I can think about Vi and your family. It will last all year long!! Love you guys! :) Melissa Obetz

  2. I am a Co-Worker of Andy Marino. Andy bought me lunch today as a random act of kindness and told me about this great way to remember Violet. I was so excited to hear of this concept. Great idea! I will certainly spread it further.

  3. I went out to run an errand and asked a friend, Lisa G., to meet me for lunch while I was out. She and I enjoyed a great lunch and as I was getting ready to split the tab with her, she told me to put my money away! After lunch, we headed back to the car and Lisa presented me with a beautiful black and white fabric tote filled with health and beauty products. Violet's card was tucked inside the tote. Thank you, Violet, for inspiring so many people to do so many kind things, and thank you to Violet's family for sharing your story and journey with us all.

  4. Copied and pasted from my Facebook status. I wanted to make it my status so many people could see how this random act of kindness touched me and hopefully inspired them to do the same. "Oh my goodness! I have goosebumps and am considering crying. I think most people know that I am a pretty big presence on local mom's group sites and put out ISO's from time to time for Enfamil coupons that people aren't using. I had a response earlier in the week and privately messaged the woman my address. I got the mail today and there was a note along with the coupons. "Dear Brianna, Hope the coupons and this small cash amount help out! Formula is pricey! Enclosed is a card about Baby Violet whose short life touched me deeply. Her parents are like family to me. I am honoring her memory by this random act of kindness. Blessings to you, Cheryl." There was a little card with a picture of a newborn and it says "Random Act of Kindness. In honor of our angel Violet. Please visit to let your family know how Violet touched your life" as well as a $5 bill. I'm touched deeply and would love to pass on the act of kindness to someone else soon!"