Still Playing School: Show & Tell

Show & Tell

By Devany | Labels: Be the first to comment!

Our Show & Tell feature is a way for me to introduce you to people in my life who inspire me.
I wanted to spread the word about those who have businesses, blogs, and projects that I admire.
I wanted to give those who don't blog a platform to share their stories with my readers.
I want to compare and contrast our characteristics.
I want to dig deeper into what draws us to people, what changes friendships, and what solidifies them.

Addi Twigg - Singer, Writer, Artist, Comedian
Megan Kennedy - Preemie Mom
Nix Sidhe - Etsy shop owner, Artist, Zomb-me Creator
Jamie Steele - Fundraising for Operation Smile
Jeda Symonds-Poynton - Diabetes mom
Adrienne Mohn - Massage Therapist
Samantha Gettler - PTSD Survivor
Em - Eva's Bereaved Mama
Jackie Link - Living with Hemiplegic Migraines
Heather Von St. James - Mesothelioma Survivor

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