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Construction Truck Small World Play

Our perfect substitute for gravel or pretend rocks came about by accident but it led to the most wonderful construction truck small world play!

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We were dying pasta for our spring sensory bin when I made one batch of purple a little too dark.  I decided to add black food coloring to that bowl and instantly envisioned rocks for a toy construction site!   

It turned out beautifully as you can see because I couldn't stop snapping pictures as our preschooler played. She worked her fine motor muscles to fill, push, dump, and drive the trucks!

The best part is that the dry colored pasta is the perfect substitute for real rocks or sand if your toddler is into construction vehicles but is still mouthing sensory play items at times.

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  1. My son loves playing with his trucks! Great idea!

    1. Thanks, Alexa! We love trucks here, too!

  2. I love this idea. I use a variety of flours (corn, wholewheat, buckwheat, white, etc) for my son. He always asks for more whenever I bake :-) I might have to add some pasta as "boulders"