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Unique and Lovingly Made Nursery Artwork

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I've been wanting to write about this for awhile, but lately writing is just not happening.  I still need to share a whole post about our gender reveals, our baby shower, and write another guest post for Lebanon Macaroni Kid before D arrives.

When we were expecting E, I asked all of our friends and family to make a
5" x 7" piece of artwork in the theme of her nursery: sea turtles.

Can you find my sister's pun?

These turned out so much better than I ever imagined.  Each piece took on the personality of the artist, from my dad's wood burning to my nephew's talented shading.  They still hang in her room and I love them so very much.

When she eventually outgrows this theme, I can put them all into a scrapbook for her.

Now we are doing the same for D, but with robots.  We received our first piece yesterday from my dear friend Michelle!  I was so excited to get one!


  1. wow. this is just an amazing idea.

  2. Those DID come out great! I wouldn't have expected such good results!