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Zig Zag Painting

To practice the pre-writing skills necessary to begin to form letters I set up this art invitation for my preschooler. She loved zig zag painting while practicing her fine motor skills!

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E is already an avid writer but as an early childhood teacher I know this is not the case with most kids her age. (Luckily, homeschool preschool allows me the opportunity to nurture her natural talents and academic interests!)

Tracing is a precursor to writing. Begin with straight lines for the youngest writers asking them to trace from left to write (the direction that we read and write). Next you can add curved, diagonal, and finally zigzag lines! Painting was a creative change to the typical line tracing presented to preschoolers.

I printed out these varied zigzag patterns for her to explore with watercolors in a paint tray. My daughter wasn't too impressed with the vividness of the liquid watercolors we were using so she asked for markers. I love how she takes ownership over the materials she desires to create her projects. 

Staying within the lines requires precise fine motor skills. These pictures turned out so well! Since chevron is all the rage these would look great framed on a wall or given as a gift.

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  1. These are so cool! It looks like fine art with a fine motor bonus! :)

  2. Very fun and creative idea! Love that they could be wall art and/or gifts for others : )

  3. Love this! We're painting some right now for my daughter to bring to school for Z week!

  4. Where did you find the chevron paper?! Very cool! -Joy

  5. This is a totally awesome idea, I have not thought about painting to help with writing. We have played in cornmeal to help her with forming the letters but i will give this a try seeing how she loves to paint, but what kid don't.

    1. We need to explore with cornmeal! Great idea!

  6. would love to get some of the chevron paper...any suggestions, or website where I can print from?

  7. I just image searched "zig zag pattern" and printed full screen! Here is one link I used: http://sweetclipart.com/multisite/sweetclipart/files/zigzag.png

  8. LOVE this idea! It will be perfect for my 4 year old and 2 year old! Wonderful!