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A Message in a Dream

By Devany | Labels:
I had a dream that unidentifiable man was introducing me to a group of people. He referred to me as a mom with two kids and I reacted in a way I never do in my conscious world.

"I'm the mother of three," I corrected.

"Yes, you know what I meant," he backtracked brushing the mistake aside. Brushing her aside.

"No. I carried three babies full term. I delivered three babies, I held three babies, I nursed three babies, I've had three babies and I'm a mom to three."


In the same dream I was telling someone else how at 1 1/2 D let's me know when he needs me. He will come up to me when I'm occupied with something else and put one chubby toddler hand on each side of my face to turn me to look at him. I stop what I'm doing to give him my undivided attention. He knows that.

"I've come to realize that Violet is the same way. I wasn't sure when she first died if she was truly sending us signs. As they got more and more obvious and impossible to dismiss I've realized that she does the same thing that D does. When she needs me to see her she grabs my face in her hands and makes me look directly at her."


While I still don't even dream of Violet I wonder if this dream itself was a message from her. I've never consciously had the thought that she makes me see her through signs when she needs to but maybe she was the one making that clear, too.

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