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Condiment Cup Flower Craft

Condiment cups open up to craft the prettiest blooming flower art! Kids love watching their flowers grow!

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When I saw the tip floating around the internet about how ketchup cups open up to allow you to use ever last bit of the condiment I had another idea. We had to try to make flowers out of them since pulling them open would be the perfect fine motor work for a preschooler!

We used an air brush marker spritzer tool gun to spray color our paper condiment cups. We used one color for the center of the flower which was the bottom of the container. 

We sprayed the outside of the condiment dip cups with a different color to become the flower's petals. You can see here that my 4 year old was struggling with the task. It would be extra fine motor work for a child with more hand strength. The air brush marker gun recommends ages 6 and up.

She allowed me to spray the rest of the condiment cups for her while she chose the color combinations. Once the cups were colored and mostly dry the real fun and fine motor workI had in mind for her began!

Beginning with a normal cup, I asked E to pinch two parts and pull. Continuing around the entire ketchup container her flower "bloomed" before our eyes!

I reminded her to keep pulling until the flower would lay flat on the paper. She caught on quickly and would announce, "This flower is done!"

Our blossoms had bloomed so it was time to give them a garden. You could add craft sticks to create a play dough garden for our cupcake liner flowers but this time E wanted to create a project we could hang to display.

I welcomed the opportunity to let her glue as squeezing the glue bottle and pressing the papers together is additional fine motor exercise. And yes, we are crafting outside in our pajamas! We love summer!

Our daughter added stems and leaves to her flowers after she arranged them on the paper. I love the way this turned out!

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  1. What a super creative idea! And the Spritzer tool is WAY cool-- I've never seen that before. Might be a nice addition to our craft closet in the near future : ) Love that you turned it into a picture, too!