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GuideCraft Kitchen Helper: A Family Investment

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Our top recommended kid purchase of all time is our Kitchen Helper stool. It has grown with our kids allowing them to safely join us in the kitchen in so many ways!

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We purchased the GuideCraft Kitchen Helper over 3 years ago. Our daughter was 1 1/2 at the time. She has used the Kitchen Helper every single day since then! It has been worth every last penny!

While the Kitchen Helper folds for easy storage we have never once had the opportunity to try it because we use it so often. Our kids eat meals, help us cook, play in the sink, discover science experiments, engage in sensory play, and have conversations along side us when they stand on our level in the Kitchen Helper.

We have avoided many meltdowns because the kids are involved, engaged, and interacting along side us every day. We've considered purchasing a second Kitchen Helper now that our toddler is old enough to use the Kitchen Helper too but since both kids fit in one together we'll wait a bit to see how long that lasts!

Whether your kids are just learning to stand or already assisting in the kitchen but not quite tall enough to help, I urge you to get your own Kitchen Helper today! Your family will love it and you'll never regret the cost, we promise! 

This is not a sponsored post nor did we receive anything from GuideCraft for writing this review. Even so, we really needed to share this recommendation with you!

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  1. It just seems so big and bulky and in the way...

    1. The footprint of the Kitchen Helper is 21" by 21" and as I mentioned it folds. Another Amazon user measured it folded as 7 1/2" thick but like I said we've never folded ours so I can't speak for that! We use it every day so we don't put it away and as someone who has actually had it in my small kitchen for three years I can assure you that we've never felt it was in the way. Guests always comment about how convenient, useful, and safe it is. The amount of floor space it occupies is well justified by the educational and behavioral benefits of our children's safe involvement (rather than standing on a stool or a chair) in all that we do in the kitchen.