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Alphabet Slime

Clear sensory slime and transparent letters on the light table created an irresistible fine motor literacy invitation!

A fine motor invitation to explore letters in slime is the perfect sensory literacy activity for kids!

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To create our alphabet slime we used Fun at Home with Kids' recipe for clear slime as well as their tutorial for how to fix slime since our first attempt at slime was a struggle. We added transparent letters (ours are Recollections scrapbooking brand from Michael's!) to create literacy slime! You could try these letter beads or letter cubes if you can't find the transparent letter jewels.

Our favorite part was how the letters would glow as we pushed them into the slime and closer to the light table! Kids enjoy this activity on a regular table too. This is a great way to introduce letters to reluctant learners or review spelling with kids that are already reading proficiently. 

Our preschooler E had a fine motor work out digging the letters our of the slime. It was irresistibly fun so if you make your own slime at home expect jump in to play along!

We are fortunate enough to have my niece visiting this week. She is fantastic with the kids! Our daughter E loved showing off her light table. I loved watching the two of them explore this sensory slime together as we identified letters and spelled words!

E was thrilled to discover that she could poke through the slime to get to a letter that she needed. The slime is not sticky and leaves no residue on her little hands so it's fantastic for kids who are reluctant to messy sensory play.

Our daughter E was sounding out and spelling familiar words as well as the names of those she loves. When we were finished we removed the letters so we can use the clear slime on the light table again soon.

I love how she always includes remembers her sister in everything we do. "How do you spell Violet?" she asks then she adds a purple flower and butterfly to her creation.

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  1. So awesome! I love so much about this!!

  2. Love the clear slime, clear letters and light table, very cool! Also love Violet's inclusion :)

  3. You know how some pics just make you want to touch and play yourself? That's this stuff. I'm pinning it!

  4. Do you cover your light table with anything before you put slime or other messy ingredients on it? We have a brand new light table and I'm trying to figure it out.


    1. Hi Jamie,
      Welcome to the world of falling in love with your light table!
      We don't cover the table but we do put the material in a glass pan. We've used the slime on the table three times now with no issues since the recipe allows for easy clean up from hard surfaces. We've even used sand on our light table in a glass pan with no problems but if you are afraid of it scratching (which I can see with sand) you might want to put down a layer of press and seal paper. I can't guarantee that would protect it 100% but that would be my first try! It really depends on your light table!