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Beach Vacation Small World Play

We created a beach vacation small world for dolls that was extra fun with the addition of some drink umbrellas!

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This post is a part of our Everyday Fine Motor Materials from A to Z series! Drink umbrellas are irresistible and the perfect work out for little hands! Opening the delicate umbrellas, pushing up the little bands that keep them up, and then pushing them into the sand all required tiny hand muscles and concentration.

We put clay on our tray then buried it in real sand. (If you look closely you can see that we reused our glitter sand.) The clay was sturdy enough to hold the umbrellas upright but wet sand might work as well. I love the sensory element that the sand added!

Our preschooler E folded wash clothes to make towels for her dolls and cut construction paper ocean waves. Both of these activities involved additional fine motor skills! Once our seashore small world was just the way she liked it we engaged the dolls in pretend play scenarios.

Ah, if only Momma could really relax at the beach like this while Daddy took E out into the waves (fully clothed of course). I'm always a bit too busy chasing our toddler!

E asked me to cut out construction paper dolphins, seashells, and a tiny crab. That worked my fine motor skills, too!

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  1. I love it! How fun, especially when you can't make it to the beach in person. Those umbrellas are just perfect too!