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Fruit Salsa Recipe for Kids

One food that I know our kids will eat endlessly when it's set in front of them is all types of fruit! Fruit salsa is great as a dessert or snack. It's perfect in the heat of the summer when you don't want to heat anything and the fruit is all in season but we love it any time of year. The recipe is super simple, too!

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Our fruit salsa recipe is so easy I almost feel guilty calling it a recipe. Yet, our cooking with kids series isn't about dazzling you with complex and unique recipes. It's about building our kids' confidence through allowing them to help in the kitchen. We love sharing easy ideas that kids can help prep even at toddler and preschool age!

I've been letting both kids use dull knifes to cut soft foods as soon as they could stand up to help in the kitchen! I even wrote about toddler knife practice when E was 2 in a very poorly photographed post! For this recipe, E was using our favorite kid safe kitchen knife (seriously, I think I recommend this knife in almost every cooking post we write) while toddler D had a dull kid's butter knife. 

The kids sliced strawberries. D added blueberries to the bowl, too! The final ingredient was kiwis since this week's Cooking with Kids recipes are K is for Kiwi.

I peeled the kiwis. E carefully sliced and chopped them up as well!

In the bowl, the juice from the strawberries and kiwis were sweet and tart enough that we didn't need any dressing to bring our salsa together. You could use any fruit you'd like for this recipe!

One final mix completed the prep and we were ready to eat our fruit salsa as a snack! It makes the perfect healthy addition to any summer picnic or potluck!

We served the fruit salsa with store bought cinnamon sugar pita chips! You could make your own if you prefer. The chips were large enough to scoop up the salsa traditionally but E preferred using a spoon.

Healthy, colorful, simple, and yummy! What fruit would you add to your perfect salsa?

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