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Water Play: Sorting Land and Water Animals

We worked math and science into our water play by sorting animals into their habitats. Our kids love this simple invitation to explore through hands on learning!

Sorting water and land animals with water play for kids

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The most versatile and well loved toys in our home are our plastic animal figures! If you follow us on Instagram you saw this activity came about naturally this summer when I provided a container of water and our toddler D began putting the ocean animals only inside.

To further the learning we began to take turns choosing animals. I would ask our children, “What animal is this? Does it live in the water?” The animals that spend most of their time in the water go into the water bin. Splash! The land animals remain outside.

If you have more than one of each animal, ask your child to sort them into groups and count. "How many sharks are there? Do we have more sharks or sting rays in the water?"

Our toddler loves animals so he quickly caught on to this activity. He began sorting independently as we discussed the names of animals. He lined the land animals up outside the water bin as if they were watching the water animals in an aquarium! 

He is so proud of his completed activity with his water loving animals submerged. Add play dough for the land animals’ home! Green play dough can be grass, brown can be dirt or sand, and white can be snow. Discuss the environments where the animals live while you sort them!

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