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Small Worlds from A to Z

Small worlds are one of our favorite ways to play! From dinosaur land to construction zones to a small world beach vacation, you can tailor the play to any theme your child is interested in! We've created this small world pretend play series to inspire you with play ideas for each letter of the alphabet!

Small World Pretend Play from A to Z Series has TONS of miniature play ideas for kids!
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What Are Small Worlds?
Small worlds are small scale imaginative lands. They can be completely fantasy or based in real life facts. Through small worlds, your children's play can travel though space and time at their fingertips.

Why Are Small Worlds Beneficial?
Kids can practice, review, and re-enact real life scenarios and events though creative play via small worlds. These invitations to pretend provide language opportunities as well as the chance for both collaborative and independent play. Children can work on social and emotional concepts through small world play.

How Do I Make a Small World for My Child?

Small worlds can be as simple or complex as you wish. You can purchase or create the play elements. We love Safari Ltd. figures, Play Mobil, and Little People for our little lands. Scenery can be made of felt, play dough, kinetic sand, water, or any sensory material that your kids enjoy. 

Are you ready to be inspired? Just like with our Everyday Fine Motor Materials from A to Z Series and our Gross Motor Activities from A to Z Series, we've teamed up with the very best kid blogs to bring you at least one small world to represent each letter of the alphabet! Every day in August we will update here to share a new idea! Pin this post and join us back here often to read them all!

A is for Alligator Bubbling Swamp
from And Next Comes L

B is for Butterfly Small World
from P is for Preschooler

C is for Cats Small World
from Peakle Pie

D is for Dogs Small World
from Craftulate

E is for Emergency Vehicles
from Where Imagination Grows

F is for Frog Splashing Pond
from Modern Preschool

G is for Garbage Truck Small World Play
from Mrs. Jones Creation Station

H is for Hot Wheels Small World
from Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails
and Harry Maclary Small World
from Little Words

I is for Insects
from Fun-A-Day!
and Ice Cream Shop Small World
from Kindergarten Connection

J is for Jungle Small World
from Play & Learn Everyday
and Jurassic Water Bead Small World
from Adventures of Adam

K is for Knight Small World
from House of Burke

L is for Lego Town
from Stir the Wonder
and Little Red Hen
from Fun-A-Day!

M is for Mario Kart
from And Next Comes L

N is for Native Americans Small World
from Where Imagination Grows

O is for Ocean Small World
from Stay at Home Educator

P is for Peter and the Wolf
from Happy Brown House
and Polar Bear Small World
from The Pleasantest Thing

Q is for Queen Elsa
from Modern Preschool

R is for River Habitat Small World
from Life Over C's
and Roadwork Small World 
from Stay at Home Educator

S is for Star Wars
from Fun-A-Day!
and Super Hero Small World
from Mom Inspired Life

T is for Three Little Pigs Small World
from Growing Book by Book

U is for Under the Sea Rescue
from Liz's Early Learning Spot

V is for Vacation Small World
from Witty Hoots

W is for Wizard of Oz Small World 
from Adventures of Adam
and Wild West from Happy Brown House

X is for eXhibit Art Gallery
from And Next Comes L

Y is for Yoko
from Sugar, Spice, and Glitter

Z is for Zoo
from Mrs. Jones' Creation Station

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  1. I can't wait to see everyone's ideas! Small worlds have always been my favorite way to play too! :)

  2. HI do you have pictures of each small world? I love this idea.

    1. Hi! You'll have to click through to each post to see the images and details of each small world! Thanks for reading!