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Dominoes Place Value Game for Kids

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We love using everyday items to work on educational activities! We used dominoes to play a game that practices math concepts including place value and comparing numbers. We've even included the free worksheet so you can play at home or school, too!

Place value math game for kids using dominoes

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Our game is super simple yet so much fun that your child will want to keep playing more rounds! Turn dominoes face down. Each player chooses a domino. One side will represent the tens place and the other side will be the ones. Players need to choose wisely and turn their domino in the correct direction to create the greatest number possible!

Players will write the number on the line and draw the domino to practice subitizing. Finally, players will write a greater than or less than sign to show which domino won each round!

Our daughter couldn't get enough of this playfully competitive math game!

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