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10 Years, This Year

By Devany | Labels:
This year she would be turning 10 years old. I turned 30 a week after she died and this year I'll be 40. I will always mark our time together and apart in these ways. 

I've learned so much over the past decade. More than I can ever write here. It is still all tangled up inside my brain and heart at times but my fingers write to work it out of my body. All the love, all the grief, all the trauma. I've been writing and speaking of her since we knew she existed. 

This year I began writing her memoir. I have the most perfect writing group with other women who aren't afraid to write about life and loss and death and grief and love. They listen with their hearts and keep me accountable to continue to write and they remind me to take breaks when it gets to be too much. I can't wait to hold the weight of her story in my hands the way I once held her. 10 years ago.

This year her siblings are soon turning 12 & 9 and there is always a third number missing in between.
12, 10, 9 

This year we've created shirts in her memory with the proceeds benefiting others faced with a fatal prenatal diagnosis.

This year, as always, we're inviting you to write, spell, carry her name where ever you are in the world. We use #rememberingvioletmarie on Instagram.

This year, as always, we invite you to use her Random Act of Kindness cards and make the world a better place on her birthday. (11/2)

This year I will share her story on our podcast on the anniversary of her death. (11/4)

This year. 10 years. 

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