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Five Months Old: Haircut, Favorite Teethers

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D turned 5 months old on Saturday.  He got his first haircut this weekend.

Maybe he won't be confused for a girl as much now.  E was around the same age when she had her first haircut, too.  Our babies have LOTS of hair (For 37 weeks, Violet, too).  

D is also teething so he's completely inconsolable at times.  Here are some teethers that we know and love:

Of course, Sophie the giraffe is a fan favorite.  She is a hand-me-down from E (so you know she's durable) and doubles as a toy.  She squeaks when you squeeze her.  Right now, D still has a bit of trouble getting her best chewy bits into his mouth (feet! ears! whole head!) but when I am assisting, he loves to munch on her.

We also recently ordered the Razbaby Razberry Teether.  I think D will like it more as he gets more teeth and gets bigger.  He uses it now because it easily hooks to a stroller or highchair with links, but I think he'll use it more in the future.  

But by far, D's favorite teether right now is the Tommee Tippee Chewther.  We actually ripped open the packaging before we had even paid for it at the store because he needed to gnaw on something!  It stays in his mouth well, comparable to a pacifier, but it looks like a mouth guard with textured surface.

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