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Sensory Nest Building

We're huge fans of using pasta for sensory play. We're also working on our preschool bird unit. We combined to two and made nests out of cooked pasta!

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I presented my preschooler E with a tray of cooked linguine noodles which were slightly oiled and plastic eggs.

We discussed the properties of the birds' nests that we've been studying. They are round and they have a place in the middle for the delicate eggs to rest gently so they are protected and warm. E used her fine motor skills to twirl the pasta into circles once I demonstrated.

We listed the materials birds use to build their nests. Since birds don't have hands to form their nests like E does I had her think critically when I asked what might body parts the birds might use instead.

She was so proud of her pasta birds' nests! She counted and sorted the eggs telling me which types of birds would hatch from each.

We did a bit more fine motor work when I gave E scissors to practice her cutting skills on the cooked pasta.

It was a sensory experience with science and fine motor work all rolled into one! 

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  1. I absolutely love this activity!! I love all of the critical thinking and dialogue that went on between both of you. Definitely pinning for our bird theme!

  2. This is a very cool sensory activity to add to our bird nest theme in the spring. Every year, a bird (or birds) builds a nest in one of my hanging (fake) floral baskets. This is an awesome time for children to experience the habits of birds. After the bird and babies leave the nest, I bring it in, place it in a clear container for observation and for them to guess what the nest is made of. I also include a magnifying glass, paper and pencil for children to write ("write") down their answers. I also include the book, "A Nest Full of Eggs" by Priscilla Belz Jenkins. Your activity also gives us something else to do with those colorful plastic eggs left over from the Easter activities LOL