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Apple Ten Frames

Fall the perfect season for an apple theme! We're offering this free printable hands-on math activity for kids to learn about ten frames. Just print and practice counting, adding, and subtracting! We've included tips for how to use this math tool in the classroom or at home.

This free math printable is the perfect hands on activity for kids if you teach an apple theme!

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A ten frame is a visual math tool used to help children visualize numbers. It is a rectangle containing ten space with five on top and five on the bottom.

We used green and red apples to demonstrate combinations with a total or sum of ten.

Invite children to cut the apples out independently to sneak in extra fine motor practice

Print on card stock for extra stability as kids cut with safety scissors. You'll also want to laminate these for repeated use. 

Challenge your kids to make sets of ten with the red and green apples. Model how to sort the red and green apples into different piles.

Fall Preschool Theme

There are several ways to adapt this activity for all ages and academic ability levels:

- Put a number of red apples on the ten frame. Ask children to count how many more green apples we need to make ten.

- Ask kids how they can make ten with an equal amount of red and green apples.

- Write addition sentences to represent the sums of ten you are creating together.

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