Still Playing School: November 2012

Elf on the Shelf

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So, having an Elf on a Shelf is ridiculously fun.  I'm sure he'll keep us entertained all season!

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Unique and Lovingly Made Nursery Artwork

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I've been wanting to write about this for awhile, but lately writing is just not happening.  I still need to share a whole post about our gender reveals, our baby shower, and write another guest post for Lebanon Macaroni Kid before D arrives.

When we were expecting E, I asked all of our friends and family to make a
5" x 7" piece of artwork in the theme of her nursery: sea turtles.

Can you find my sister's pun?

These turned out so much better than I ever imagined.  Each piece took on the personality of the artist, from my dad's wood burning to my nephew's talented shading.  They still hang in her room and I love them so very much.

When she eventually outgrows this theme, I can put them all into a scrapbook for her.

Now we are doing the same for D, but with robots.  We received our first piece yesterday from my dear friend Michelle!  I was so excited to get one!

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A Rainbow Update - 35 Weeks

While I am thankful for a lot of things, I don't think the November gratitude project is going to happen here.  I need to pull in, enjoy this last month with just E, clear some responsibilities, and organize the house.

I never want to forget E climbing into our bed last night, her tiny hand holding mine for quite some time before she pulled it away to reach down and rub my very pregnant belly.

We are so ready to meet you, D.  This blog and many other projects will have to wait.  We are going to have a much needed babymoon.
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Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

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If you are here to help us celebrate Violet's birthday, please feel free to leave a comment about a Random Act of Kindness anywhere on the blog or email us!

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Goodbye October, Hello November

Day 31 - Sunset

I missed the sunset last night because I was trick or treating with E.  Instead, here is a picture of a sunset I took last winter as my husband, E, and I drove to spend New Year's Eve with our family.  I remember looking into it, feeling at peace, and my husband asking/knowing I was thinking about Violet.

I would like to thank Carly Marie for her Capture Your Grief project.  It was therapeutic to complete and kept me writing during an otherwise difficult month.  It is much easier lately to hold everything in.  I needed a reminder to do this grief work.  

In order to continue along the same lines, I'll be participating in November's 30 Days of Gratitude project (most people participate via Facebook status) by posting a picture every day in November of something that makes me thankful.

November 1 - I am thankful that I was able to take this little "Dorothy" trick or treating last night.  After every stop she would ask for "one more house, Momma!"  She wanted to hold my hand so I walked as much as I could, knowing that some year she won't want me to tag along with her.  When she was tired, I had a friend who was willing to carry her for me since I can't due to pre-term contractions with increased activity.  I am thankful for this kind friend as well as the friends who invited us to trick or treat with them!  
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