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When You're Sleeping

By Devany | Labels: ,
E is sick, which means I get the rare opportunity to nap with her.  Usually she can't settle down enough in our presence to actually rest.  Today as she slept, I watched her and wrote this.

I need you to remember this message, E,
Whisper it in your sister's ear.
Ever since she left us,
I feel like she's a bit too far to hear.

I have the feeling it's at night when you dream
When my two girls get to play,
Love on each other with hugs and kisses ,
as you would if she were here each day.

She wears purple and you wear your pink.
Do you teach her songs you know?
Tell her about things she never had a chance to see
Before she had to go?

Tell her Momma loves her so,
Tell her Daddy misses her touch,
Tell her we're trying our very best
On the days it hurts too much.

Give her all the kisses and extra love
We give each day to you.
She's not in our arms to receive it,
So this message will have to do.

Because just when I feel I need to remind you
So no memories get replaced,
I look at you while you're sleeping
And I know you see her face.

(pencil sketch of V generously done and gifted to us by a talented friend of a friend)


  1. That last stanza. Hits me right here.

  2. Oh, Dev.... how beautiful. I'm betting there's not a dry eye on the internet when reading this. ♥

  3. Beautiful Dev - right from the heart <3

  4. I echo what the others have said... absolutely beautiful. Made me tear up.

  5. You've done it again ... just so precious.

  6. Beautiful, Devany...great work :)