Still Playing School: September 2015

Bat Snack for Kids

Want to hear a little known fact about me? I love bats! From the time I was a student teacher, I loved to do a bat science unit for Halloween and read Stellaluna to the class. Now I'm sharing this classic bat story with my own kids. We made a bat themed trail mix to to with the book! It's the perfect Halloween snack. 

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3D Shapes on the Light Table

We explored 3D shapes by constructing with transparent blocks on the light table. The colors and angles were highlighted as the kids turned and studied the different faces and properties. What a playful and colorful way to introduce a math concept!

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Tips for Observing Nature with Kids

As a homeschooling family, we love all things nature and science related! There are definitely ways to make natural observations easier with young children. We're sharing what we've found has worked best to make our experiences enjoyable for all of us!

Tips to help the whole family enjoy being outside to observe nature from Still Playing School

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Witch's Brew: Fall STEM Sensory Play for Kids

We love any excuse for sensory play but this Halloween activity includes a STEM twist! We covered science, technology, and math as we cooked up our own Witch's Brew.

Cook up a Witch's Brew for a sensory STEM activity with kids!

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Train Pretend Play for Kids

When my husband saw our dining room chairs in the entryway he probably thought we were crazy but I prefer the term creative! I always feel like I don't set up pretend play scenarios often enough for our kids and rarely do I play with them as well. This pretend play train station was a full afternoon of engaging dramatic play for all three of us (so it was worth the cluttered entryway)!

Pretend play train station for kids!

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Fall Leaves In and Out Activity for Kids

Are you looking for ways to keep your little ones hands busy and quietly practicing fine motor skills this fall? I love to set out intriguing invitations to play for our children. This autumn leaves busy box activity inspired so much learning as we played!

This fine motor activity keeps kids busy, entertained, and quiet as they learn about fall leaves!

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Number Line Games

I absolutely love when we can adapt one activity to the current learning levels of both of our kids! This active number line turned into several games that met the needs of our two and five year old. It'd be a great idea for recess for an entire classroom of students, too!

Learn math in a hands on way with this gross motor number line game for kids from Still Playing School

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Quinoa Fruit Salad Recipe

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Fruit is always a hit with our kids but mixing in quinoa adds protein plus an interesting texture. We love this quinoa fruit salad recipe so this time I invited our daughter into the kitchen for our latest Cooking with Kids post! 

This healthy Quinoa Fruit Salad recipe is great to make with and for kids!

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SouthEast Stables

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Our daughter had the experience of her dreams at SouthEast Stables attending horse camp. She learned to brush, tack up, and ride horses. The entire week was life changing for her as she learned how to work with these amazing animals!

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Weaving Board for Kids

Our weaving board was super simple to make! We got the supplies at our local dollar store. It's fun fine motor work for kids that's the perfect travel or quiet time activity! 

Make a weaving board for fine motor practice for kids!

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Cinquain Poetry for Kids

Cinquains are a great way to introduce kids to parts of speech and poetry writing at the same time! We created a simple printable which makes the cinquain poetry even easier to write. Our daughter and I loved this writing exercise as part of our homeschool curriculum this week.

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Color Surprise Game for Kids

Our kids love those videos where people are opening eggs to find what's inside! I decided to use that enthusiasm to learn, match, and name colors. We used a few materials to create a fun color surprise fine motor game!

Use everyday items to create a color game for preschool kids!

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The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

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We've told you before that we love Costume Express for our everyday dress up play so of course they were our first stop when we were selecting Halloween costumes! Whether your kids have already decided what they want to be this year or you need to browse ideas with them, this website is the perfect place to see the best and most costume options for the whole family. 

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Peach Salsa

Our Peach Salsa recipe couldn't be simpler. Really, I gave our daughter several options to create her own recipe but she declared it perfect after only three ingredients! That's the beauty of cooking with kids. They know what they like and often it's healthier than what we might create as adults.

Super simple peach salsa recipe to cook with kids from Still Playing School
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Autumn Leaves Drawings and Mini Reports

The changing of trees' leaves in fall is one of the most mesmerizing and educational season changes we witness. Even if you live in a part of the world where you don't see these changes first hand, we have a way that your child can study the transformation to incorporate science, reading, art, and writing. Our daughter loved this project!

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All About Me Math Race

Most people retain information faster and better if it is relevant to their lives. For our preschool All About Me theme, we're practicing number identification with an All About Me Math Race!

All About Me Preschool Unit: Kids race to get numbers to answer questions!

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